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Invest in Yourself!

Career Development Opportunity

Advanced education project to enhance professional skills

Join our project based in Germany and Switzerland, set to launch in 2024! Take your place in this latest and unique venture in the hospitality sector, plan your career, and merge your creativity with your profession. During your time in Germany, enhance both your career and language skills, and freely explore all the cities of Europe as you wish!

"Develop yourself, pursue your passion, and sail towards a professional future!"

“Refine your talents and enjoy a successful career in hospitality.”



Advanced learning with integrated practical application for increased professional satisfaction

To secure a prominent position in this highly competitive industry and become a sought-after professional, seize the opportunity to complete your education in esteemed institutions in Germany or Switzerland and work with prestigious hotel groups. Gain a deeper understanding of Culinary Arts, Service Arts, and Guest Relations departments, and showcase your creativity by applying what you've learned!

Life is an adventure!
We support those seeking to awaken, develop and refine their hospitality potential. Take a step into a world full of exciting projects, innovative ideas, and unforgettable experiences that will bring out your potential!”

Guest Relations

Every guest is unique. The fine art of face-to-face communication with guests as they arrive and during their stay, determines their first and lasting impression of your establishment. The area of reception and guest relations is ideal for those who:

Enjoy having a positive impact on others.
Have strong communication skills.
Are creative and flexible when meeting guests individual needs.
Take pleasure in offering personalized attention.
Are naturally warm-hearted and open, making guests feel at home.
Value teamwork and harmonious collaboration and find purpose in working with people.

Culinary Arts

While receiving and guiding guests is the emotional communications center of any hospitality establishment, the kitchen is the very heart of it. Delicious meals, appealing to the eye, delightful to the nose and tongue, speak to the physical senses. Our Culinary Arts training is directed toward those who:

Feel confident and at home in the kitchen.
Express their creativity through culinary innovation.
Are well-organized and meticulous in all their endeavors.
Have an eye for visual aesthetics.
Value, contribute to and promote a mutually appreciative kitchen crew.
Enjoy planning, preparing and presenting culinary works of art.

Professional Service Skills

Our Professional Service Skills training provides all-round advanced learning in the above areas for those aspiring to become hospitality industry professionals.  This training offers the opportunity to invent new, creative recipes; to greet and guide guests with authentic warmth and flexibility, as well as to work in harmony with a professional team. This training benefits those who:

Are passionate about creating culinary artworks,
Are agile thinkers, committed to continuous learning and exploring new trends,
Have refined communication skills and value teamwork.


For your new career, for your new future.                                          

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